Cutwork Bridal Sarees that Break Convention

Cutwork Bridal Sarees that Break Convention

There is traditionally a book of unwritten rules on wedding sarees that most of us instinctively follow. Oh, don’t get us wrong. You definitely get to pick the saree you love from your favourite wedding saree showroom, but have you noticed all the samples fall into a particular genre of designs? Picture this: a beautiful wedding ceremony is going on inside a church, the bride walks in. What do we expect to see her draped in? A rich white saree? Off-white? Golden? Certainly, nothing that deviates from these shades. Say a blue? Or green? Right there, that’s what we are talking about. We met somebody who walked past that unwritten tradition.

Name visited our boutique one day with a request for a customized bridal saree. We are always thrilled to get bridal customers because we get to create something that is going to forever be valuable to them. With name, we had more reasons to be thrilled though. She had heard really good reviews about us and wanted us specifically to create her dream wedding saree! By God’s grace and our beautiful clients who put their faith in us, we were able to become one of the most sought-after embroidery design boutiques in Trivandrum.

Taking the Traditionalists off our Backs

The first thing she told us was that she did not want to follow convention. That came as a pleasant surprise to us. Together we looked through different options for colour, texture, fabric and most importantly embroidery work. As most of you might already know, we are all about embroidery. Hand cutwork is one of the many kinds of embroidery we specialize in. We have a pretty huge collection of cutwork sarees in our boutique if you like to take a look. Name was impressed by the precision in which we created our cutwork designs. As a result, this bridal wear was going to adorn one of our best cutwork designs. To take a little deviation from the convention as desired by the bride, we decided to go for a rose gold shade with a pink pearl finish. This colour was rare and Name was really excited!

Textures and Patterns

Choosing the colour was a pretty big step and half the job done. Now we need to move on to decorating the fabric to stand out in the wedding ceremony. Since Name is a cutwork lover like most of us, we set off to explore innovative ways to incorporate cutwork designs that gave the pink pearl silk a fabulous makeover. We assembled our team and got to brainstorming. This team is going to be gearing up to do some serious handwork on this drape. We decided to give it a Reticella look mixed in with floral motifs. This will give the saree a lace finish, giving it the ultimate bride flavour. Also, a middle ground on the avoiding traditional cliché front.

She Said, “I Wanted to Look Simple but Elegant!”

Simplicity and elegance were the theme we were going for, for this bridal saree. That meant no heavy work or flashy embellishments. Nevertheless, it’s still a wedding saree and we had to make it stand out. That was our challenge. As an alternative to throwing around the usual contrast colored embroidery designs, we decided to create a monochromatic look by using different hues of the same colour and liven it up with creative cutwork patterns. The cutwork gave good texture. We decorated the pallu and the front pleats and gave a slanting cut on the front. The blouse was also given good cutwork details. Overall, using cutwork embroidery we created a dreamy lace vibe to the blouse. One good look at the saree after we kept our needles down got us mesmerized! Took us two months, but every minute was worth it when we saw the happiness on Name’s face.

The Wedding Details

Name loved the saree and felt happy that she took the bold move to customize a unique one that completed her. We were thrilled to hear all the compliments she received on her wedding day! Every other detail of the bride was based on this saree. Her hair curled up to flow along one side, her makeup simple with soft hues of pink, and a beautiful pink bouquet to match the floral cutwork designs. Overall, what made our day was how confident, happy, and beautiful she felt on her wedding day!

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