The story of Alika Designs dates back to the early 1940’s when Sophie Sathyasanthan started curating a fashion space and legacy with her passion for embroidery works. She passed on her love for stitching to her  daughter-in-law Pearly Manohar who took the thriving business to new heights. Alike has shipping around the globe and the story of this fast expanding brand started off with a single woman from Tellichery who was meticulously passionate about weaving new trends in embroidery. Alika is a worldwide brand and specializes in Baptism sarees and kneads designs and patterns that are inherent to the tradition and heritage of the holy baptism. Even as they meet the requirements of the modern day mothers, Alika makes sure that each saree retains the classical and traditional beauty embedded with the diversity and richness of the function. Alika has fans from all over the globe and has been regularly exporting sarees to other countries.