25 Feb

Cutwork Bridal Sarees that Break Convention

There is traditionally a book of unwritten rules on wedding sarees that most of us instinctively follow. Oh, don’t get us wrong. You definitely get to pick the saree you love from your favourite wedding saree showroom, but have you noticed all the samples fall into a particular genre of designs? Picture this: a beautiful wedding ceremony is going on inside a church, the bride walks in. What do we expect to see her draped in? A rich white saree? Off-white? Golden? Certainly, nothing that deviates from these shades. Say a blue? Or green? Right there, that’s what we are talking about. We met somebody who walked past that unwritten tradition.

Name visited our boutique one day with a request for a customized bridal saree. We are always thrilled to get bridal customers because we get to create something that is going to forever be valuable to them. With name, we had more reasons to be thrilled though. She had heard really good reviews about us and wanted us specifically to create her dream wedding saree! By God’s grace and our beautiful clients who put their faith in us, we were able to become one of the most sought-after embroidery design boutiques in Trivandrum.

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